How-to Guides

While every event at Princeton is different, we expect each guest to experience the “Princeton Touch”. The A formal meeting in which many people gather in order to talk about ideas or problems related to a particular topic, usually for one or more days. Is often advertised to a targeted audience, however can be open to the public and generally includes a registration process. and Event Services Team has put together these quick "How-To Guides" to highlight easy ways to add that extra finish to your events.  

Hosting a Hybrid Event

By Nick Robinson, Executive Director of Campus Support Services

During the early stages of the pandemic, hosting events, seminars, and lectures on virtual platforms was one of the few viable options for presenters. While virtual platforms present many challenges regarding quality and experience, a virtual format allows…

How to Host a Sustainable Event

Guidelines taken from Office of Sustainability’s Strategies To Green Your Campus Event page. 

Princeton University has a goal of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2046 in celebration of our 300th anniversary…

How to Order Equipment for Your Event

Princeton University is lucky to have most of the equipment that you will need for your event in house and available to rent through Building Services.  

How to Promote Your Event

There are many ways to market your events across campus and to the greater Princeton community. Here are some resources to consider.  

How to Arrange Event Parking and Transportation on Campus

Help your guests navigate Princeton University's campus by learning about parking and transportation options. 

How to Check In a Participant

Whether you are checking in a student or a guest to the University, you want to make sure they have a positive first interaction at your event. Here are some tips for checking in your guests 

How to Make and Set Up Signs

Princeton University is a complicated campus! Signs are an easy way to guide your guests to your event locations. 

How to Set Up a Registration Table

Your registration table will be the signal to your guests that they have arrived at your event. It is important that your table is both professional and welcoming. Here are some tips from the CES office for setting up your registration table.