How to Set Up a Registration Table

Your registration table will be the signal to your guests that they have arrived at your event. It is important that your table is both professional and welcoming. Here are some tips from the CES office for setting up your registration table.  

Before event 

  • Determine how many tables you will need.  

  • Think about how many guests you have arriving and what they will be receiving. Are you handing out nametags? Programs? Giveaways? If you will be handing out more than nametags, and would like to display those items, then it is advised that you order at least two banquet tables 

  • Identify a location for your table(s) 

  • Your table should be close to an entrance to the building you’re using as well as reasonably close to the room that you are using. You will also want to set your table up in an area that can comfortably hold a crowd or a line. If you are using a room that is far from an entrance to the building, then it is best to set your table up near the room and use interior signage to direct participants.  

  • Potential Registration Table Locations for Popular Spaces 

  • McDonnell A01 and A02 – Brush Gallery in front of the bar 

  • The Friend Center for Engineering Education. Located on the corner of Olden and William streets, it houses high-tech classrooms, a 250-seat auditorium, and the Convocation Room, a popular multi-purpose space.  101 – Atrium in front of the stairs to the lower level 

  • Friend Center Convocation Room – Entryway off Olden St or the atrium 

  • There are two: the McCosh Health Center, named for Isabella McCosh, and McCosh Hall, home of the Department of English, named for Isabella’s husband, James McCosh, Princeton’s eleventh president). McCosh Hall is home to Princeton’s largest lecture hall, McCosh 50.   50 – Courtyard or considering using one of the classrooms in Entryway 6. For a large A formal meeting in which many people gather in order to talk about ideas or problems related to a particular topic, usually for one or more days. Is often advertised to a targeted audience, however can be open to the public and generally includes a registration process. consider renting a tent for the courtyard 

  • Order your equipment 

  • Order your table as well as chairs for anyone working the registration table. 

  • Order a tablecloth for your table. CES has a limited number of black cloth tablecloths that may be borrowed for no cost, please email [email protected] to reserve one. You are also able to purchase either a paper logo cloth or an orange plastic cloth from the Building Services Equipment Order Form. 

  • What size table should I order? Great question, it depends on your space. Tablecloths tend to look best on 8ft banquet tables. Some spaces would require you to use a smaller table due to available space in which case a 6ft banquet table works fine.  

  • Order your registration table at the same time as any other equipment order. 

Day of event 

  • Put a tablecloth on your table(s).  

  • Check to make sure your cloth is straight, and all sides of the table are evenly covered. 

  • If using a cloth tablecloth, make sure the tag is facing the back. 

  • Display your nametags. 

  • If you are having participants pick up their own, then lay them out on the table in alphabetical order. Make sure that they are easy to read so that participants can grab them quickly. Include extra blank nametags, holders, and markers in case anyone is missing or needs a new one.  

  • If you are distributing nametags, then make sure your nametags are organized in a box or holder.  

  • Arrange any other materials. 

  • If you are handing out programs don’t put them all out at once. Display as many as will fit neatly and then replenish as necessary. 

  • Consider printing out, or providing QR codes for, area information such as train schedules, restaurant maps and Princeton University information.  

  • Registration Table Extras 

  • Bring a power strip so that you can plug in a laptop and chargers for phones or iPads. 

  • Keep back up pens behind the table so that they don’t go missing. 

  • A roll of tape (masking, painters or scotch tape) always comes in handy when you least expect it. 

During event 

  • Try to stand while welcoming guests, if able  

  • Do not eat or chew gum while working a registration table.  

  • If you need to eat, try to move to the side or take a break away from the table 

  • Make sure any coffee cups or food items that participants leave on the table are quickly disposed of. 

  • Stay alert and approachable.  

  • Be proactive in welcoming people rather than waiting for them to approach you.  

  • Avoid unnecessary phone usage. 

Post event 

  • Clear table of all items after registration closes.  

  • Remove tablecloths once event has finished. Paper and plastic tablecloths may be thrown out, cloth tablecloths must be returned to CES office the following business day. 

  • Clear and throw out any trash in the registration area. 

  • Fold up chairs and place them against the table.  

  • Bring all remaining items and signage with you when you leave.