Plan an Event

Princeton University has a wide variety of tools and services to help you plan your best event. Use this page to create a check list, connect with service providers or discover useful tools & tips for your next event.

Event Checklist Generator

Use this resource to create your own event checklist. Organize your list by pre-event, day of event and post-event tasks.

Create Your Own Checklist

Tiger Transit Bus, orange black and white, traveling from the left side of the picture on a fall day. The trees are orange, yellow, brown and green
Seven people wearing all white sit at a table with a white tablecloth and food and waive white napkins in the air. There are string lights illuminating the image
Custodian team from Wilson College
Image of Prospect House on the approach from Chapel Drive. The house is an Italianate style mansion with a three story tower. The sky is blue with no clouds


Explore the multitude of event services that Princeton University has to offer.

Connect with the right providers


A library of templates for event supplies such as nametags, tent cards, budgets and other items. 

Tips for Your Event

Helpful tips and hints for all aspects of event planning.