Budget Template

A budget is a great starting point for any event. We have created this tool to help you start the process.

Some questions to keep in mind:

  • Where is your money coming from? Grant? Princeton University funds? Participants? 
  • Will you be charging participants to attend? Will there be levels?
  • Will you be covering any participants travel or hotel stays? 

  • Will there be shuttle charges? 

  • Will you be giving honorariums? 

  • What meals will you be providing for A formal meeting in which many people gather in order to talk about ideas or problems related to a particular topic, usually for one or more days. Is often advertised to a targeted audience, however can be open to the public and generally includes a registration process. attendees? 

  • Will you be paying for marketing? 

  • Will there be rental, setup, breakdown or decor costs? 

  • Will there be any printing costs? 

  • Are there any insurance needs (vehicular, bodily, bonds, asset protection) 

  • Will you have paid workers or volunteers? 

  • Will you be paying for a registration site? 

  • Will there be speaker/s travel-related charges? 

  • Are there any fees for permits that might be needed? 

  • Will there be a need for security/police officers?