Photography Tips

We would love to include your event photos in the Toolkit and have a few helpful tips for capturing images. 

  • Use natural and bright light if possible. Experiment with flash, but only if it will not disrupt the event presenter or guests. 

  • If using a cell phone camera, turn your phone to landscape view to capture images. 

  • Experiment with photo editing on your phone, or through other free services, such as Canva. 

  • Capture events from different angles. You may find that different points of view can improve the image capture! 

  • Consider hiring a professional photographer for key events, or events you would like to archive. 

  • Take close up shots of important event details. You have put your best effort and talents into the event, and we would love to see your work. Please include detail photos of your floral arrangements, pens or other giveaways, linen or furniture choice, etc.  

  • Add a credit to photographs, including your own. 

  • Make sure guests are aware that photography will be taken and may be used for promotional purposes. 

  • Email [email protected] to share your photos on the Toolkit!