Space and EMS Guidelines

Campus space usage supports varied events, activities, and conferences, held by faculty, staff, and student organizations, with academic courses taking priority.

  • Most spaces are primarily used for academic courses, and requests for classrooms may not be confirmed until the Registrar finalizes the course, midterm, or exam schedule, respectively. Schedulers will be made aware of the status of their request through its status in Event Management System. System of record for all space reservations on campus (including classes, exams, and events, conferences, meetings, etc.).  . Click here for a tutorial on viewing your space request status in EMS
  • The office of the Registrar allows for open booking from 4:30 – 7:00 PM on weekdays and on weekends during the semester. This allows event planners to plan for space requests with an earlier timeline for confirmation. 

In 2019, the University committed to implementing one room scheduling system to benefit the University community. Since that time, EMS (Event Management System) has been implemented as the system of record for space reservations, and nearly all campus spaces have been onboarded per the memo issued by University leadership. The benefits of using EMS are many, allowing for improved emergency management, space utilization data to support campus planning, and greater transparency, inclusion and access for the campus community.  

The University maintains careful policies and procedures around the use of campus space, particularly surrounding space requests and usage by organizations considered external to the University. Find more information on policies and procedures regarding Access to Campus space.